Monday, May 22, 2006


Netscape news just posted a timely and very important story ranking the top 10 supernatural creatures. And coming in at #1, in what was no doubt a landslide, was our pal Bigfoot. Mr. Foot bested other pretenders to the throne such as werwolves, vampires, the Loch Ness Monster, and leprachauns(?!). That's right, bitches! Step to Bigfoot, and thou wilt most assuredly receive a swift beat down. Because Bigfoot is bigger than you, Mr. Leprachaun.

The official order was thus:
10.) The Banshee
9.) Fairies
8.) The Yeti (Abominable Snowman). I would rank this much higher. Like #2, say.
7.) Mothman
6.) Leprachauns
5.) The Chupacabra ( aka The Mexican Goat Sucker! The Chupacabra is cool)
4.) Loch Ness Monster
3.) Werewolves
2.) Vampires
1.) Bigfoot

You can link to the story here. But I warn you: it's one of those pain in the ass netscape stories that requires you to forward through 10 different page loads to read the whole thing.


blogfoot bro said...

Of course with the scandal that rocked the World's Ugliest Dog contest, with blocks of votes being changed or deleted, I am skepitcal of these results. Maybe the fans of the mothman just aren't as computer savvy as those who worship the bigfoot.
Just food for thought. I mean fairies are everywhere.

See what I mean here;

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