Monday, May 29, 2006

M.A.M.B.O.M. wants you!

Are you an aging hipster currently residing in the Minneapolis area? Do you like to build models? Then perhaps you have what it takes to be a founding member of M.A.M.B.O.M, aka the "Middle Aged Model Builders of Minneapolis." Yes, that's right. The Twin Cities will soon be home to an organization that is comprised of grown men huddled in a basement pursuing the fleeting joy of their childhoods by gluing together models, listening to punk rock, and eating sandwiches cut into triangles by Mrs. Blogfoot. Beer is also likely to be involved.

Interested parties (and who wouldn't be?) are encouraged to reserve space quickly, as charter members will get prime seating as well as first dibs on the cutting-edge technology of the M.A.M.B.O.M spray booth (a cardboard box stood on its side with newspaper inside).

Here are some of the kits I have awaiting assembly in the closet:
Aurora James Bond
Aurora Mummy
Aurora Creature from the Black Lagoon
Aurora King Kong (already underway)
Aurora Godzilla (ditto)
Aurora Neanderthal Caveman
George Reeves Superman
Mechanical King Kong (this one kicks ass, see pic below)

Members must provide models of their own as well as paint and brushes. I will provide the basement headquarters, the folding tables, stereo system, sandwiches and beer. Now all we need is...a logo.

For those of you ignorant of such matters, model building was a huge hobby for kids in the 60's and 70's. The Aurora corporation was the big player in those days, and they made a fortune off of model kits based on popular movie monsters and both Marvel and DC superheroes. You can read all about them here, as well on on legions of other fan sites. I favored the monsters and superheroes, with a nice helping of prehistoric/dinosaur models tossed in. My brother liked cars and planes, but I never like gluing on the decals demanded by that sub-genre. Models are awesome. They teach a kid how to see a project through. You know, a little thing called 'stick-to-it-tiveness.' I don't know what kids do for kicks nowadays. Videogames and oral sex, from I read. I enjoy those too, but c'mon. Everything in moderation, folks.

If I have kids, they're buildings models, dammit.


sin-a-mon bare said...

I like how the model says: "1/25 of actual size." What, did they go out and measure a real kong somewhere to base it on? Either way, sign me up. And post more of those model directions. They are beautiful.

BlogFoot said...

Kong is every bit as real as Bigfoot.

I think that web link I posted in the story has pics of the instruction sheets. If not. I'll scan some of mine and post them.

BlogFoot said...
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Anonymous said...

Will there be a follow-up party to blow them up with firecrackers?

BlogFoot said...

If I blew them up, what would I put in my light up display case?

blogfoot bro said...

By sub-genre, I hope you are not insinuating that model cars, boats, and planes were at all easier to build than the superhero/monster models are you? I know that lining both halfs to put together may have been tough on you, but the decals, the final icing on the cake, always signaled the end of a road well traveled, your reward for an honest effort in recreating the drag funny cars of the day, or your tribute to the heroes of WWII (before setting them afloat with fire crackers).

BlogFoot said...

Not inferior or easy, just different. I could go outside and see a boat or a car or a plane. So why build one? But Frankenstein? The Wolfman? King Kong?
These were brought to life only through the magic of models. They were the next best thing to action figures.

Anonymous said...

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