Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh, how I hated the Gin Blossoms!

The year was 1993. And the Gin Blossoms, a band that was the aural equivalent of a tepid bath, burst onto the scene with a limp-dicked song called "Hey Jealousy." I hated it upon first listen, but apparently I was in the minority, because it became a huge hit, rivaling even "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Son of a Preacher Man" as a favorite among drunken college chicks.

The song had a jangly, rootsy vibe that cut to the bone. It had "sensitive-guy" type lyrics. And it was guaranteed to deflate any boner that came within 100 yards of it. Although I imagine some guys had to put up with listening to it in order to get some action. A chilling thought.

I heard a snippet of it last night on a commercial or something or other, and it has lost none of its power to aggravate. It made me wince immediately. I'm begging you...don't go to itunes and buy it. Not even ironically. Your .99 cents deserves more than that.

Ah, yes...hating the Gin Blossoms. Those were good times.


Vincent said...

Looking at their tour dates for the upcoming year it looks like they are paying dearly for the offenses. At the end of the day though don't you think far more damage to mankind has been caused by the Counting Crows?

BlogFoot said...

Only by that weird singer of theirs inexplicably banging every hot chick in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

SASQUATCH SIGHTING - Just saw an ad for this music fest. Pretty good lineup, but nobody as good as the G-Blossoms.

Anonymous said...

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