Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New "Superman Returns" trailer now online

Yeah, it's geeky to post this, and I feel like I'm encroaching on "Ain't It Cool News" territory. But there's some neat looking stuff in here. I still think Superman and Lois look way too young (probably so that they don't look too old in the sequels, ala' the hagged-out Margot Kidder), but at least they had the good sense to retain some of the mythology from the first two Superman movies (crystals, dude!), not to mention the John Williams score, which is one of the best themes of all time. And they've got Marlon Brando in it, too, via some unused footage from the original. Nice.

Hopefully it'll be good. This guy's no Christopher Reeve, but who is? Reeve was straight up perfect for the role(s) and was the main reason why the first movie was as memorable as it was. Well, it also didn't hurt having Gene Hackman, Brando, Ned Beatty, Glenn Ford, et al. Dang. That first "Superman" movie was pretty good.

Anyway, check it out in standard (you caveman!) or high definition here.

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