Monday, November 06, 2006

Drunkins (drunkenly-carved pumpkins)

Some of my peeps came over and carved pumpkins just before Halloween. I had been drinking for about 4 hours prior so my carving skillz weren't quite up to par, plus the pumpkins were really thick. So thick that the serated carving tool barely poked through the skin (Hide? Husk?). Wotta revoltin' development. However, I managed to eek out a Gene Simmons pumpkin. The pic is blurry, as we forgot to set the shake reduction on the digital camera (that darn booze again), but you'll get the idea.

The God of Thunder / Kiss bassist / banger of many women / star of 1984's sci-fi smash "Runaway" in glorious pumpkin form.

I also made a Michael Myers, aka the Boogeyman / Shape from "Halloween." Did you know that the mask in that movie is actually an old Don Post Studio's mask of William Shatner from the 70's spray-painted white? It's true. The budget on the classic 1978 film was so low that some crafty crewman came up with that as a solution. This pic is even blurrier, if you can believe that. So, here goes: Michael Myers is on the left, Jack Skellington is in the middle, and Gene is on the right. A friend did the Oogie-Boogie Man from "Nightmare Before X-Mas" that got cropped out. Sorry, dude. You can solace in the fact that it would have just been blurry anyway.

We'll do better next year. Although I maintain that the insanely dense and thick pumpkins did not help our cause, and neither did the booze, and they looked good in non-blurry person.

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Aim said...

Where is the love, dude. You cropped out my Barfing pumpkin.