Thursday, November 09, 2006

More "Buck Rogers"

It gets worse, people. Lots worse.

The Buck Rogers clip I posted the other day brought forth such an avalanche of rapturous feedback...comments, emails, rose pedals tossed in my path in the downtown Minneapolis skyway...that I thought I should post some more. Give the people what they want, y'know?

First up is a clip that illustrates my previous point about this show being driven
by lust ( well, that and a rock-bottom budget ). Not even the robots are immune from this permeating vibe of sexiness. Then again, maybe everyone is just taking their cues from Buck, who in this clip is lounging around in a white robe that's opened up to his frickin' navel. They're probably visiting a 'pleasure planet' in this episode or something. Gird your loins!

It's almost inspiring in its awfulness. The female robot doesn't even have breasts,
a bigger ass, or any suggestion of a womanly shape. They just threw some gold spray paint on an extra Twikki suit they had laying around. And her catchphrase? "Booty, booty, booty"? No wonder he got all excited. Well, at least she didn't lead him on. Although I feel kinda bad for Dr. Theopolis, the round clock / lite brite thingy with the soothing voice. Poor Dr. Dr. Theopolis. He has no one.

Next up we have a clip where lycra-clad beauty Wilma Deering (played Erin Gray, who generously doled out boners to 13 year-olds across the country circa 1980) falls prey to a terrifying space vampire, then gets all slutty as a result. Yeah! This clip is larger, so let it load for a bit.

I'm not going to lie...I'm very interested in seeing how this episode ends.


Jamie Baker said...

last I heard Dr. Theopolis was actually dating Flava Flavs clock medallion

BlogFoot said...

I knew I should have been watching "Flava of Love" on VH1.