Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wisconsin Bigfoot update

The recent alleged Bigfoot sighting / deer carcass theft outside of Milwaukee (see hard-hitting story below) created quite a stir in the area, with two boys saying that they too saw a creature, and area news stations all running stories in the incident. Some high-faluttin' "Bigfoot investigator" also flew in from Florida or some other swampy shitbox, but found no substantial evidence.

But according to this website, which is run by someone who makes Fox Mulder look like Carl Sagan,the reason no proof of a Bigfoot was found is simple: it wasn't a Bigfoot at all.

It was a werewolf. Or more accurately, a bearwolf. Even more terrifying!

Well, that explains it. Thank God a level head came along to give this situation some clarity. And although I was initially skeptical of their claim, the ultra-realistic drawing of the beast they posted convinced me.


Kyle said...

So I haven't spotted one yet, but my eyes are peeled. With so much tragedy and heartbreak in this world it's nice to be captivated by some deer-carcass screwing WereBear-type beast. It helps me believe again.
Kyle "from KH" Freund

BlogFoot said...

What up, Kyle? Good to hear from you.